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Spidi Outlander Jakke Mc Jakke

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Spidi Outlander Jakke Sort/Grå Str 2XL, MC jakke
kr 6 599,00
Spidi Outlander Jakke Sort/Grå Str 3XL, MC jakke
kr 6 599,00
Spidi Outlander Jakke Sort/Grå Str 4XL, MC jakke
kr 6 599,00

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Produktnavn: Spidi Outlander Jakke Mc Jakke
Varekode: D234-449
Leverandør: NorSafe A/S



The Spidi Outlander H2Out Jacket was developed with the aim to build a laminated jacket ideal for winter and summer climates.

To achieve the target we created an innovative seamless air intake system positioned on the chest with excellent performance in terms of waterproofness and ventilation.
The main chassis of the Outlander H2Out is made from a waterproof, breathable and windproof laminated combination of high tenacity polyamide and H2Out.

A removable 200 gram thermally insulated liner comes with each jacket, as well as 3M® Scotchlite® reflective zones, and multiple vents for staying cool in warmer weather.
Each jacket comes with CE certification as protective clothing for motorcycle use certified to the Pr EN 17092-3:2017 Class AA standard, as well as Warrior Lite Level 2 removable protectors (CE certified EN 1621-1:2012 Lev.2) for the shoulders and elbows.
The Outlander H2Out makes use of the Spidi integrated adjustment Ergofit System to ensure a perfect fit, it also features an adjustable E.S.T. fastening on the collar, an adjustable waist, and an adjustable drawstring at the hem.

For additional safety a jacket-to-pants zipper connection comes as standard, and each jacket has 2 waterproof external pockets, a waterproof Napoleon internal pocket, and a waterproof internal pocket. For those who want the absolute maximum possible protection, the jacket has pockets for both back and chest protectors which are sold separately.



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