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Wunderlich Windscreen »R-MARATHON«

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Produktnavn: Wunderlich Windscreen »R-MARATHON«
Varekode: 30450-235
Leverandør: Wunderlich Gmbh


Wunderlich "MARATHON" windshield - high - clear til BMW  R 1250 R

The “MARATHON” windshield ensures incomparable touring comfort for the popular roadster even on long trips. Excellent relief from wind pressure for the head, upper body and shoulders, as well as significantly less turbulence, including on the R. The Marathon windshield therefore really plays to its strengths on long trips and at any time of year. With the vibration-reducing 4-point mount, its aerodynamics are perfectly aligned. This means it offers the best protection and perfect ergonomics for all body sizes.

Note: Only for vehicles with originally fitted windshield. For vehicles without factory-fitted windscreen the windscreen mount 30450-230 must also be ordered and installed.

The facts:


  • Maximum protection for head, upper body and arms
  • Perfect transparency under all conditions, including in the rain.
  • Perfectly aligned aerodynamics
  •  Thanks to a special manufacturing process the windshield does away with any edge protection
  • Scratch-resistant and shatter-proof, visually pure, made of strong 5 mm thick acrylic plastic
  • Vibration-reducing 4-point mount
  • Integrates perfectly into the overall layout of the R 1250 R

Technical info

  • With ABE
  • Material: Robust, visually pure PMMA acrylic plastic
  • Width: 435 mm
  • Height: 480 mm
  • Thickness: 5 mm


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