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Fothviler senkesett, fører - R1200RT

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Produktnavn: Fothviler senkesett, fører - R1200RT
Varekode: 31410-001
Leverandør: Wunderlich Gmbh


Wunderlich ERGO footrest lowering Rider - silver

This footrest lowering has been developed with ergonomics in mind. It provides a relaxed and comfortable seating position and does not leave behind any “postural damage”, even after longer riding stretches.

In order to achieve the optimal foot position, the lowering bracket had to be carefully machined from solid aluminium. Long-distance comfort increases noticeably as the knee is set at an angle that encourages blood flow, preventing painful cramps. What arises is the feeling of being at one with the bike, and cornering becomes much easier.

The facts:

  • Relaxed seating position.
  • Suitable for R 1200 RT.
  • ABE Approved.
  • Reduced knee angle.
  • Machined from solid aluminium.
  • Doesn't require any modifications to the original support.


Produsent Wunderlich


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