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Kriega DryBag US-20, Vanntett pakksekk

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Produktnavn: Kriega DryBag US-20, Vanntett pakksekk
Varekode: KRI-KUSB20
Leverandør: Touratech Nordic


Kriega DryBag US20

The US-20 tail pack is designed to fit most off-road or race-style seat pads. The pack is easily attached and

removed by four quick-release buckles. No extra bungees or covers are needed. The inner lining is bright white

which makes your bits and pieces easy to find at the bottom of the pack. When needed the inner lining can be

removed and washed separately. The base of the US-20 tail pack has an anti-slip coated-mesh pocket for storage

of chains or extra straps. By using the tank conversion pad all tail packs can be used as a tankbag.

This versatile pack is 100% waterproof and can also be fitted to Hydro 3, R15, R20, R25, R30 and R35 back

packs. The many ways of combining the different packs makes it easy to adapt the units for your own personal

requirements and need of packing volume.

* 100% waterproof

* 20litre capacity

* Attachment straps included

* Water resistant side pocket

* Bright white and washable lining

* Perfect attachment for back packs

* Perfect as a tankbag

* 10years warranty

* 400(H) x 260(W) x 190(D) mm



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