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Bmw Syst 7 Light White Carbon Mc Hjelm

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BMW Syst 7 Light White Str 56/57, Carbon MC Hjelm
kr 6 200,00

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BMW Syst 7 Light White Str 58/59, Carbon MC Hjelm
kr 6 200,00

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BMW Syst 7 Light White Str 60/61, Carbon MC Hjelm
kr 6 200,00
BMW Syst 7 Light White Str 64/65, Carbon MC Hjelm
kr 6 200,00


Produktnavn: Bmw Syst 7 Light White Carbon Mc Hjelm
Varekode: 763198994lig
Leverandør: BMW Norge AS


BMW System 7 Carbon Helmet

The System 7 Carbon helmet provides maximum comfort and safety. The carbon helmet shell is especially light and has outstanding impact absorption properties. The quadruple-joint chin bar pivot ensures a low front profile even with the chin bar open. Removing the chin guard requires no tools and only two buttons – turning it into a fully fledged jet helmet. The sun visor is easily adjustable to adapt to sudden changes in light. Excellent ventilation helps you keep a cool head and a double-glazed visor ensures unobstructed vision. In terms of aerodynamics and aero-acoustics, the helmet ranks among the best on the market.

Two helmets in one. Simply unique.

It is your journey, your freedom. And your helmet shouldn't impinge on this. So you can transform the System 7 Carbon without any tools swiftly and conveniently in any way you like from a full-face helmet to a jet helmet. To do so, you need only unlock two buttons on the chin section. The sun visor then serves as a visor in the jet version. With the System 7 Carbon you therefore get two homologised helmets according to ECE 22-05 in one. You can use the optionally available, integrated communications system in both variants. Our innovation, your freedom.

Lighter, safer, sportier.

Only one material was even worth considering right from the outset: carbon. Carbon fibre technology has a long tradition at BMW. Thanks to this experience and expertise, we were even able to reduce the weight of the helmet shell compared to other carbon helmet shells by another 25%. To do this, we fitted a high-performance carbon fibre combined with an innovative, complex processing process.

The result: an especially light fully carbon helmet shell in two sizes, which impresses with optimised rigidity and safety performance in every impact zone.

Streamlined and quiet.

Feel the wind, but only how you need it. This is why our BMW experts from various departments all joined forces on the development of the System 7 Carbon. This enabled us to incorporate the results from elaborate testing in our ultra-modern wind tunnels in Munich and Milan directly into our development and design process.

The intensive analyses and optimisations to the spoiler geometry achieved through them are not only visually impressive, but also functionally: the System 7 Carbon has tremendous aerodynamics. There is very low torque even when looking sideways – and impressive aeroacoustics. It is one of the quietest folding helmets on the market.


Produsent BMW Motorrad
Salg 20


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