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Compañero Worldwide bukse lang str 102

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Produktnavn: Compañero Worldwide bukse lang str 102
Varekode: 01-502-3102-0
Leverandør: Touratech Nordic


Compa¤ero Worldwide, trousers men, long size 108, black

Touratech's Compa¤ero suit marks a new chapter in the evolution of textile motorcycling equipment. The innovative Compa¤ero combines the benefits of a sporty summer suit with the comfort of a top-quality GORE-TEX® weatherproof membrane all-in-one.

The concept
The renowned clothing manufacturer's vast wealth of experience was just what Herbert Schwarz needed to implement his ideas. The requirements for the Touratech suit were jointly defined. It was vitally important that the suit allowed maximum ventilation for physical exertion at high temperatures. On the other hand, it needed to be completely wind and waterproof in adverse conditions. The rider's passive safety was high up on the list too, of course. Features such as variable widths for the perfect fit, adjustable cuffs and zips etc. could be taken for granted in a joint development like this by two expert partners such as Touratech and Stadler. If you wanted to sum up the basic concept of the Touratech suit in a nutshell, it would be "3 in 1".
In other words, with the Touratech Compa¤ero you get three suits in one.



Produsent Touratech


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